Successful people all have one thing in common.

They have a coach.

Meet Your Coach

Kimasia Spratt is an elite coach with a track record of helping highly motivated leaders move beyond their limitations into a life of possibility.  She coaches and connects leaders to unleash their best and start living authentic lives of heck YES!

Kimasia’s natural enthusiasm, diverse background, and reputation for results quickly made her a sought out coach by leaders in various fields. A life-long learner and coach at her core, she is a Co-Active Life Coach, Tony Robbins Success Coach, Certified Marriage Coach, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Multi-Certified Elite Personal Trainer, RRCA Running Coach, and 500hr Certified Yoga Instructor. She coaches competitive athletes, business owners, high level managers, and powerhouse moms to reach new levels of personal and organizational growth. She has led various corporate programs, managed teams, and empowered organizations to flourish in their campus culture. She believes in the power of community and created Move Beyond Events as a way to bring great people together for a day of fun, encouragement, and restoration.

Her strong faith and unique experience as fitness and holistic health guru is the magic she brings to coaching. She teaches her clients to connect to their values and dream big dreams, while taking exceptional care of their body, spirit, mind, and relationships.

I’ve been called a “trainer to the trainers.”  In over 15 years working as a coach and trainer my clients have ranged from executives and business owners,  elite athletes, high-level coaches and trainers, to those just wanting to live their best possible life.

I Believe In

Your Purpose

A coaching conversation starts with discovering where you want to grow next. Maybe you already know what that is, or we will discover that together.

Your Dreams

You’ve got big dreams—family, career, health and fitness, faith, and personal challenges. We’ll work together to clear blocks and create the life you truly desire.

Hard Work

Yes, you read that right. Not the kind of work you’re grinding out from 9 to 5, but the inner work of quieting the outer noise and making soul-felt decisions to design your life of yes.

Let's Get Started!


Discover your potential and achieve beyond what you believe is possible.


Over the years, I’ve collected relationships with lots of rockstars. I love connecting world-changers with one another.


We flourish in community! Be empowered, educated, and have some fun with some other inspiring people.

I believe in giving back.

I give back 25% of all income made through Move Beyond. Currently I support Door of Grace and Father’s Heart, but I want to hear what you’re up to! Contact me to share what projects or missions you’re on fire for and how Move Beyond can get involved.