“A sound heart gives life to the body.”

“Kimasia is a girl who walks her talk. She is wise yet fun, killer yet compassionate, and cares that you succeed with all her heart. She models how to prioritize values, family, and then the rest of everything else –  while taking brave steps and living life all out! Her spirit and drive is contagious and makes me want to give my best to all I do.”

– PC

Moving Beyond Is...


Your life is all connected.  When one aspect of health is out of whack, the other aspects may be too (family, work, body, spiritual, relationships). The Move Beyond approach involves a holistic approach to spark health in every area of life.


We’ll work together to create vision and take action toward what really matters.  Excelling in what matters most changes lives, and that’s what you are here to do!


We’ll challenge your beliefs around what’s possible. You will be challenged to see things with a new perspective of possibility and truth. When you take action from that stance, the impossible becomes possible!


I believe in the power of God in you. I believe ultimately He will support you in creating permanent shifts and achieving His purposes in your life. This is no temporary fix or gimmick. Lasting transformation is what we’re after.


Shut out the noise of culture and do the hard work of moving beyond. Over the years, I’ve developed and collected exercises that will guide you into truth, breakthroughs, and action. You may be assigned reading, homework, or exercises. 

Truth Based

You are part of a bigger story and purpose: you exist to please God. I challenge my clients to walk in the Word and follow the Way as they live in the ordinary and extraordinary.

Get started today with a phone consultation

Our relationship begins with a half-hour phone consultation. During this call we’ll discuss where you are, how you desire to move beyond, and some practical steps to get started.

More than Talking

Health brings vitality and energy, which is necessary when doing the work of moving beyond in any area of life.   Whether your next brave move is in work, relationships, or life, we’ll bring some of the tools I’ve gained with over the years in the fitness and wellness industry to get you moving right away. Get ready to move beyond toward a higher level of physical, mental and emotional health!